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Two Traps to Avoid When a Bainbridge Island Home is for Sale

If you’ve listed your Bainbridge Island home for sale this summer, no matter what your future plans may be, they won’t get under way until Job One is accomplished: turning your front yard ‘Home For Sale’ sign into one that reads ‘Sold!’ That’s why the last thing you need is to inadvertently hinder the sale yourself. There are a few traps that sellers can easily avoid, so if you plan to list your home for sale in town this summer, it’s important to be aware of two of the most common ones:

Hanging Around

Real estate is at least partially an emotional affair. When the seller is right there hovering during a showing, his house remains just that – his. You want your potential buyers to linger — spend time imagining themselves in the place — rather than feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s turf. So relax; let your agent point to the special features you think should be highlighted. You’ll be free to take an hour or two for errands in town.

Limiting Showings

It only takes that one prospect to fall in love with your home and make a successful sale. But if that one party isn’t able to see your property, everyone misses out. The key is for your place to be available during the time when they are free to be out searching the area’s homes for sale — and that may be Tuesday morning or Saturday afternoon. The more serious you are about selling, the less stringent your requirements for advance notice should be. 

Of course, your agent will always agree to a reasonable set of hours. For instance, any time Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm with an hour’s notice; weekends between 10am - 5pm with two hours’ notice. The fact is, truly determined sellers very rarely require 24 or 48 hours’ notice. Those can be effective deal-squelchers!

Selling homes on Bainbridge Island — working with you to attract top dollar for your property — is what I’m good at. Call anytime to discuss how we can work together to get that ‘Sold!’ sign planted in your front yard!



Pre-Inspection Reports Help Bainbridge Island Listings Stand Out


If you are readying your home for sale this spring or summer, one of my favorite tactics to set your property apart from other Kitsap County listings is to order a pre-inspection. If you’re not familiar with the term, a pre-inspection is a less detailed, less expensive visual inspection designed to report major conditions certain to be noted in the final. Why add this extra expense? Won’t buyers ultimately get their own inspection?

Yes, they will. But the purpose is not to replace a final inspection — it’s to attract more offers and hasten a final sale by minimizing re-negotiation.

 Picture yourself as a prospective buyer. Bainbridge Island listings which headline the availability of a pre-inspection report automatically seem to be offered by someone who is proud of their property’s condition and unafraid of what the final inspection will reveal. To skittish prospective buyers, it serves to lessen the "fear of the unknown" that can make buyers hesitate before writing an offer. If there were a formula, it would look something like:

Eliminating objections = Attracting more offers

Pre-inspected listings let you document major conditions that have either been addressed or left for the future owner to remediate as he or she sees fit. By noting how your asking price includes precise dollar allowances for named conditions, you display openness and conviction in the basis for your pricing. Local listings written after a pre-inspection are a lot more likely minimize last-minute re-negotiation: if you have ever been asked at the last minute to knock off  $20k from an accepted offer, you know the value of that.

It is worth noting that any serious defects that a pre-inspection identify must be disclosed, for better or for worse. But fear of a major discovery shouldn’t dissuade you: any major defect will certainly be discovered by the buyer’s inspector. The old saying applies: knowledge IS power.

If you plan to add your own property to the Bainbridge Island listings any time this year, my job is to see that it brings you top dollar. Contact me today to talk over the way we will get that done!