This charming, old fashioned store will transport you to another time.  10355 NE Valley Road

This charming, old fashioned store will transport you to another time.

10355 NE Valley Road

Bay Hay and Feed

We have so many special finds here on Bainbridge Island. We have beaches, parks, vineyards, berry patches, boutiques, restaurants, feed stores....wait...feed stores? Yes, we have the most darling feed store here called Bay Hay and Feed which serves as not only a feed store but also a unique shop carrying a wide range of items you never knew you needed. 

Upon Entry, you are immediately welcomed by baby chicks encased in a wooden box covered in chicken wire all heated up with a heat lamp. The irresistible sound of those little chickies just suck you right in and convince you that you're in need of a chicken of your very own. 

These little guys are so sweet and entertaining!

These little guys are so sweet and entertaining!

Wander through the store to find dog food in bulk, pet toys galore, leashes and collars for Fido and many more pet supply items. They carry shoes of the highest quality, rotating syles based on the seasons of course, but always on hand are the wonderful collection of boots and socks. They have the best boots and socks here. The men's clothing section is surprisingly thorough as is the women's clothing section. Complete with hats, gloves and could easily create an entire outfit here and one you would wear often. At the cash register, you'll find old time candies which are a nice touch adding to the small town feel offered in this store. 

Step into the Gift Shop/children's portion of the store to find clothing, jackets, hats, toys, books and more. The iconic Bay Hay and Feed print is even on the coffee mugs. How cute is that? This place is all decked out for Spring! The decor is on point and full of inspiration for your own Spring decorating and gift buying. 

Bay Hay and Feed now has a Farmer's Market inside which has recently been expanded. Local and fresh bread, greens, syrups, wines and even books are ever growing and changing here. 

The gardens are blooming and stocked full of annuals, perennials, plants, trees, and bushes to adorn your garden. It's easy to spend an afternoon wandering through and selecting pops of color for your planters.

The Nursery, in a separate building just out the back, is loaded with unusual finds and needs! From seeds to colorful pots to bird feeders to books...this little gem is as inviting as the gardens. Plus, the employees are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. 

This is one very unique place on Bainbridge!