Here we are in the anticipated new year - January 2018. I love the idea of a "fresh start" or a "clean slate" if you will. The start of a new year brings a renewed chance to make good on the missed opportunities from last year, the unfinished tasks waiting to be completed now can inch up to the top of the list and maybe even one can set some new goals. Which brings me to New Years Resolutions. We know all about New Year's Resolutions, we're supposed to make them, aim high and change our lives for the better. I have to admit though, that I'm not a fan. I find myself setting unreasonable goals which in turn make me feel worse than I did before I made the "resolution"! I know many of us fall into this category and that is why this year I have decided that my resolution won't necessarily be goal setting (though there may be one or two attainable ones thrown in for good measure), but instead I'm setting up new routines. Setting a goal is great and shouldn't be tossed aside but what JUST as important is setting yourself up for success which is done by setting up routines. Once a routine is in place, it becomes a habit and then it's no longer a goal...it's a way of life. Routines like having a glass of water first thing in the morning, reciting affirmations on a daily basis, sitting quietly for 5 minutes...things like this are beneficial to the body and soul and will for sure set you up for success. I'm setting new routines to slow down, take better care of myself and be more in the moment. This is a goal I can reach just by simply noticing the little things and appreciating all that is; good or bad. I invite you all to do the same. Set the goal of creating healthy routines (however big or small) and let one of them be to notice more. We all have busy lives and get caught up in the little aggravations taking us away from the moment. We have control over this...let's do it together.

Happy New Year to you and yours!