The trademark bicycle in the window case gets a new look with each season.  (Photo Cred: Pam’s Island Photography)

The trademark bicycle in the window case gets a new look with each season.

(Photo Cred: Pam’s Island Photography)

"Mom, can we go to Bon Bon?". It's practically a daily request these days for my kids. I'm running out of excuses to say no lately and it doesn't help that they're all dressed up for Valentine's Day in that spectacular little store. The colors, the scent of fresh fudge (made daily in store, I might add), the free samples of fudge, the darling packaging....the list goes on. Bon Bon is the end all candy store carrying every candy you could imagine. From old-fashioned, hard to find candies to a huge variety of imported chocolates and goodies that you can usually only find online to the more familiar candies and chocolates wrapped up in ribbon. Not only will you find every gummy, hard candy, taffy, chocolate bar and truffle imaginable but there is even a wall of licorice! A whole wall is dedicated to the most fantastic flavor of candy out there. I love Bon Bon. They have it all. 

Come on in!

Come on in!

For eleven years, Bon Bon has been serving up home made fresh fudge to our community and keeping it interesting with a variety of flavors. There are even seasonal flavors which only come around once a year. Once inside, you're senses are brought alive with the most intoxicating scent of fudge. There's nothing like it. The smell is pure joy and on top of this, they offer free samples (actually, they strongly encourage this free tasting which is pretty brilliant on their part). You cannot actually taste a piece of fudge and then walk out empty handed.

 Jars filled to the brim with old time goodies. 

 Jars filled to the brim with old time goodies. 

This spot is special not only because of the remarkable variety of treats but also because of the people who work there. You can just tell they are happy (how could you not be happy surrounded by all of that glorious goodness?) and eager to help. You are welcomed in with a hello and encouraged to take your time browsing and sampling. Candy stores always make me smile simply because of the fact that I'm surrounded by sweets, but this one is different. Bon Bon is decorated; dressed up if you will, in sweet doilies, ribbons, and flowers. Every inch of the shop has been tended to with the jars filled up, shelves neatly stacked and pre-measured candies perfectly wrapped up and placed on trays. 

I hope that the next time you're on Bainbridge Island you are sure bring your sweet tooth. You will be glad you did, as Bon Bon brings out the kid in all of us.

230 Winslow Way, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110