Berry there anything more summer-like than to pick berries? All summer long I look forward to the different varieties of berries to ripen so I can take my kids out and harvest the seasonal fruit. June has strawberries, July has raspberries, August has blueberries and September has blackberries. You don't even need to leave the island to get your fill. We sure got our fill at Suyematsu Farm. 

Located at 9227 NE Day Road, Suyematsu Farm is the largest production farm on Bainbridge Island raising 80-100 tons of food each year and distributed throughout our local community. It has 15 acres of sheer beauty where local schools visit throughout the school year to be part of their edible education programs. The kids enjoy a hands on experience, for sure. The food grown at Suyematsu Farm is even served in their lunchrooms. What a gift.

There is nothing sweeter than raspberries off the vine. From the saturated, vibrant color to the tart, sweet, floral always brings me joy. Suyematsu Farm uses the honor system. You are given a tray with 12 pint containers and direction to pick thoroughly before moving on to the next row (plus expectation to not eat your way through the rows). The idea is to get all the berries, so that there is less waste. The truth is, once you get going, all you can see is raspberries and you can easily pick a bush clean. Just when you think you've gotten all the goods, you lift up a leaf to check underneath and find a boatload more berries. It's like they're producing berries as you pick! The problem with that is if you have an allotted amount of time you just may blow past that if you're not watchful. 

Once you've finally committed to stopping the madness of picking every single berry, you walk up to the little tent, have your berries weighed and pay by the pound. The cost is $4.00 lb for U-pick and keep in mind, these are locally grown, organic berries. I find that to be a pretty great price, especially since it offers a local outing with the kids!

You'll see families having picnics, dogs running around and children playing. Even if you're not in need of berries, a quick visit to this farm will lift your spirits. One more special spot on Bainbridge Island with a rich and inspiring history. Read about the history of Suyematsu Farm here and just know you will be in awe at how much is happening in our little town.  Happy Picking!!