Mother's Day 2017

Have you ever wondered about the history behind Mother's Day? When did it begin? Who started it? How did it become a recognized holiday? I have often wondered these things and especially being a mother myself, I'm ever so grateful that we moms are celebrated and honored. 

While dates and celebrations vary, Mother’s Day most commonly falls on the second Sunday in May. Moms in the U.S. typically receive gifts ranging from cards to flowers to spa days from their children. But, mostly, moms just want recognition - a day of appreciation and gratitude from those who receive their undying love and devotion. Thanks to Anna Jarvis, in 1908 the American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created and ultimately became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Thank you, Anna!

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.”

Time for fun facts! Did you know there are approximately 84 million moms in the United States? Or that Mother’s Day is the third most celebrated holiday (behind Christmas and Easter)? Today, Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries and not all on the second Sunday in May. For example, India has a 10-day Mother's Day celebration in October. Brilliant! Want to know the weirdest Mother's Day observance? In the former Yugoslavia, children would tie up their mother on Mother's Day. In order to be freed, she had to pay them with treats. That sounds like a celebration for kids, not moms.... According to a survey by AT&T, there are more phone calls made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. Carnations are a popular symbol on this holiday - the tradition is to honor mothers who are living with red or pink carnations, and those who are deceased with white ones. Facts and history aside, moms just want to know that their children love and appreciate them and that they have done their job as moms. So, just call your mom. It means the world to her. 


I love brunch. I love everything about it. Late breakfast, early lunch, dessert FOR breakfast and an excuse to drink mimosas mid morning all appeal to me very much. Here on Bainbridge Island we have a few spots to take your mom (or for your family to take YOU) for brunch if you so desire. Cafe Nola on the corner of Winslow Way and Madison Ave. serve brunch from 9:30-3:00 and their menu is unbelievable! Eggs in Clouds, Duck Biscuit, Grilled Cantaloupe and Caramel Pecan French Toast are just a small sampling of what they serve there. Afterward, you can do a little shopping in the sweet shops lining Winslow Way.   

Streamliner Diner is another island favorite and conveniently located close to the ferry. They fill up early, so don't dilly dally when heading out the door but not to worry - you'll understand why once you bite into one of their incredibly decadent omelettes or Fried Egg Sandwiches. Try the Biscuits & Gravy for a real treat and don't forget to wash it down with a mimosa - remember, it IS a holiday, after all. 

Manor House at Pleasant Beach is one of the most special places here on Bainbridge. They have a superb menu and the service is impeccable. You will feel truly celebrated surrounded by exposed wood beams and brick throughout. Do try the oysters if you're a fan. They serve some of the best ones I've had to date. 

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours and thank you for working so hard for our children!

Thanks, Anna!!!

Thanks, Anna!!!