Tour eight Bainbridge private schools on Saturday, March 15 between 11 am and 3 pm. This is your chance to ask questions and walk through the schools on your own schedule.

Begin the tour at any school—maps will be available at each stop or at, but you can download your own here. 

1. Carden Country School (K-8)
6974 Island Center Road NE

2. Montessori Country School (K-6)
8225 High School Road

3. Madrona School (K-8)
219 Madison Avenue S.

4. Saint Cecllia Catholic School (K-8)
1310 Madison Avenue N.

5. Leaps and Bounds (K)
9445 Business Park Lane

6. Island Children's Montessori School (K)
9723 Copper Top Loop #203

7. Hazel Creek Montessori School (K)
8903 NE Koura Road

8. Island School (K-5)
8553 NE Day Road