In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, stop by Bainbridge Performing Arts to enjoy the lively and beautiful melodies of Anzanga Marimba Ensemble.  There is only one show on Friday Jan 11 @ 7pm.

For over 25 years, the Seattle-based ensemble has toured nationally and internationally and appeared regionally in the Northwest Folklife Festival and Bumbershoot.  Anzanga Marimba Ensemble brings the electrifying and energizing music of African marimba to festivals, cultural events, schools, and more.  The troupe’s repertoire is primarily from Zimbabwe, with influences from Mozambique, South Africa and Gambia, in addition to original compositions. This special public performance is part of Bainbridge Performing Arts Cultural Outreach Program.

Anzanga plays using eight marimbas, three sopranos, three tenors, a baritone, and a bass and hoshos, or gourd shakers. The marimbas are hand-crafted and their xylophones are made from various hardwoods.

The instruments are tuned to bring out the authentic tonalities found in Zimbabwean Music. Each key sits above a resonator with a vibrating membrane to amplify the sound and add a unique “buzz” to the music.

Click here to listen to more music and find out more about Anzanga Marimba Ensemble

Adults: 12
Senior, Youth, Students, Military, Teachers: $8

Call Bainbridge Performing Arts at 206.842.8569