The  “MATSURI” (“festival” in Japanese) on Bainbridge Island celebrates the rich and unique culture of Japan through many great performances and workshops.   Here is your chance to meet a real Samurai from Japan or enjoy some of the unique performances and activities like the Biwa Japanese Lute Recital, Mimi Puppet Show, Shamisen Ensemble, Iaido, Noh, Sumie Brush Painting, Kimono/Yukata Picture Service, Kirie Cutting Paper Art, Origami, Soroban Abacus and Evening Ajikan Meditation.  There are many child friendly activities like the Samurai Academy for kids.  This free event is fun for the entire family to enjoy.

With the collaboration of IslandWood's chef, Jim White, there will be "Zen Kitchen" meals on offer for a small additional charge. Let the Zen Kitchen provide your family with an authentic Zen lunch experience. The cuisine is prepared with fresh, organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. The number of seats is limited, so please hurry to purchase tickets for these special meals online.

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Date: Sunday, August 4th Time: 10:30am – 9:00pm
Place: IslandWood, 4450 Blakely Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110