If you employ a property manager on Bainbridge Island, you are already enjoying the benefits that come from working with a pro. But occasionally you may find the need to manage your manager a bit, too. By knowing how to most effectively work with your Bainbridge Island property manager, not only will the relationship require minimal attention, but you will also maximize the income your property earns.

It’s a principal goal of your property manager to make life easier for you, but that doesn’t require you to grant total free rein over your property. Contacting your manager at least once a month is good practice —taking just five minutes to touch bases and ask whether there have been any problems should do the trick. That phone call lets your manager know that his project is a priority with you and that The Boss is always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Whenever a problem does crop up, your Bainbridge Island property manager should be the person who handles it. Realistically, sooner or later you will find that your manager hasn’t solved every issue exactly the way you would have preferred. Maybe your property manager goes for a quick fix to save money in an instance when you would have preferred to spend more for a longer-term solution. By asking the manager to make you aware of when there are other than truly minor problems, you can add input at the level that makes you most comfortable.

Whenever a major repair is called for, be sure to require documentation for your own records and to confirm that the job is completed. A good Bainbridge Island property manager will never resist providing thorough documentation. If that’s not the case, it’s time to consider working with somebody else.

Nobody wants to micromanage a relationship meant to save you time – but scheduling that one quick call a month should help you rest easier at night. And since this summer is proving to be a great time to acquire investment property in Bainbridge Island, it’s also the perfect time to give me a call to help you find it.