The Census Bureau tells us that 43 million people move households each year. That definitely makes it a Big Business opportunity! You would think that huge commercial empires would have sprung up to take care of every tiny detail (for a price), but in truth, those companies generally serve a minority of corporate clients. For most of us, we can plan on being pretty much on our own.

If you are going to be headed for a new home in Bainbridge Island (or know someone who is), there are a few things you can do to make this summer’s move to a new home a little easier.


Before you move to your new home, make sure you get ahead of the curve: reserve some advance time getting everything organized.  In the process of packing, you’ll work more efficiently if you have more than enough boxes and trash bins at the ready. By having ample storage containers available, you can pack your belongings slowly and in an organized manner. 

If you have young children, arrange childcare well in advance of the move. Unless your children are older and able to help, your suspicion that they are not wholly compatible with the moving process will prove to be correct. 

Inform your utility providers well in advance of your move. The few minutes spent could give them the option of a smooth transfer of services to your new property — sometimes even avoiding restart service fees.

Let your bank know that you are moving your residence. This will reduce the risk of your sensitive banking info ending up lost in the mail (or in the wrong hands). It also makes it much less likely that your bank will block your account for suspicious activity when you first begin using your cards in your new town.

A new home on Bainbridge Island will be an exciting beginning – so if you’ve already found that home, congrats!  If you’re just getting the search started, or are preparing to sell before you find your next, contact me this week to go over your options.