The Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction is one of the largest charitable fundraising in the nation.  Thousands descend to Woodward Middle School in search of treasures and bargains.  Great deals are easy to come by and you’re sure to find anything you are hunting for within the acres of furniture, cars, bikes, toys, home wares, fishing equipment and more.

Since 1960, the annual Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale has raised nearly $5 million for service projects. It’s a major recycling event – and it’s also a community volunteer effort that raises a lot of money.

Residents don’t have to look far to see those funds at work.  The 2012 Auction and Rummage Sale grossed $385,856.15.

One-third of the proceeds made are allocated to the club’s Major Projects Fund, which may accumulate from year to year. Over the years, that fund has helped build and expand the Library, Bainbridge Commons, Boys & Girls Club, the Don Nakata Pool, the storage barn at Helpline House and Rotary Gateway Park.

The other two-thirds of funds raised are spent each year for ongoing community programs, international work, and smaller projects. Rotary invites funding requests from schools and non-profit groups, evaluates the requests, and makes allocations as funds permit. Thanks to in-kind donations by local businesses and volunteers, Auction and Rummage Sale expenses are kept remarkably low, so the vast majority of money raised can go to service projects and programs.

The event officially starts at 8am, but it is advised that you come early as several thousand avid bargain hunters are expected to attend.

For more details on the auction itself, the schedule and layout, visit

Woodward Middle School
9125 Sportsman Club Road, 
Bainbridge Island

Auction and Rumage Sale: 8am-2pm