Egg hunters of all ages will be able to fill their baskets at a series of egg scrambles happening with Bainbridge Island parks and recreation.

For the teens (aged 13-18), the 5th Annual teen “Flashlight Egg Hunt” will commence at 9pm at the Teen Center, Friday March 29.  Bring a flashlight and container to carry the eggs.  “Prize” eggs can be redeemed for cool prizes.  The teen center will remain open until midnight for after the scramble for supervised fun.

A traditional Easter Egg hunt will occur Saturday March 30 at Strawberry Hill Park.  It starts at 10am for children aged 1-12.  Take a picture with the big bunny and pet the little ones at the 4-H petting area.  “Prize” eggs will also bring their finder an extra surprise.

Later in the day, kids aged 3-11 can change into their swimming suits and seek eggs throughout the aquatic center at the “Wet and Wild Egg Scramble”.  A $5 fee includes open swim time.  Staggered start-times make it fun and fair for all age groups.

Ages 3-5 @ 1pm
Ages 6-7 @ 1:15pm
Ages 8-9 @ 1:30pm
Ages 1-12 @ 1:45pm

Finally, for those who would rather stay away from crowds, grab your GPS and family and try your hand at “Geo Catching” in the “GEO Egg Hunt”.  Eggs will be hidden around various park properties on the island.  Coordinates will be posted on the Park District web site 

BTW:  Bunny helpers are needed to lend a hand stuffing and hiding eggs.  Sign-up with Youth & Teen Programs at (206) 842-2306 ext 125.