When I first moved to the Island about 14 yrs ago, I heard about this yearly "sale" and how it was one of the Island's most anticipated events. I raised my eyebrows at that and thought, really? A yard sale? Where in the heck am I?

At the time, my friends and office people insisted that I check it out and said you must attend at least once. It's sort of a requirement for living on Bainbridge Island. Apparently, they were right. Until you can talk in a knowledgeable fashion about the "preview" sale or share stories about that one piece of furniture in your house that came from the Rotary auction (in my case this grandfather clock), you can not be a true Islander. You must learn to use your children as place holders or spotters (they are small enough to run through people's legs to get to the piece you want to buy before someone else grabs it). You enjoy socializing at the preview sale wandering around and meeting old friends. You then find yourself donating things the following year- if only to return the piece you bought at last years sale!!!

But truly, Rotary Auction is Bainbridge Island at its best. People helping people. The money raised through the Rotary goes to worthy Island organizations and needy groups.

This years Rotary Auction is this Saturday June 30th starting at 8 am. The Preview is the night before, Friday from 4-7:00. Parking is limited and getting there early is encouraged.

I'd love to have you share your Rotary Auction stories and finds right here on my blog. Please feel free to post your finds!!!

Kristi Nelson