If you somehow have been living under a rock, or maybe you just don't live around here, you may have no idea that world class fudge is right here on Bainbridge Island. Located in the Sea Breeze building in the Marina District of Bainbridge Island, is Bon Bon. Bon Bon is a specialty confection store and makes Bainbridge Island fudge daily in store. Several favorites include "snickers", dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, and tiger butter. The owner, Lisa Dunlap, is quickly becoming a Bainbridge Island institution!  My children love coming here- one kid goes straight for the candy and gummy worms, while the other goes for the fudge. My favorites are the truffles- especially the caramel with sea salt. If you are looking for that perfect Valentine gift- look no further than Bon Bon. They also will ship your fudge too! You can check out their web site here.