I think every Bainbridge Island real estate agent shares my overall sense of optimism as national housing prices continue to revive. While the nation’s economy could definitely be in better shape, this growing stability in the residential market is one of the few economic indicators to provide a steady stream of positive news. The rest of the economy can certainly use some of that: since the real estate market is so massive, upbeat reports from our industry provides a steadying influence on the others.

Real estate agents nationwide know that the current basement-level interest rates for home loans are part of the reason. Especially because of the public commitment to hold rates down into the future, other outside influences (like widely fluctuating gas prices) have less effect on the greater trend. 

What does that mean for us, in our neighborhood -- on our block?  After all, here in Bainbridge, we don’t buy and sell real estate nationally.  Since home sales are the ultimate local product, to get the most accurate applicable economic information, we have to go local. That’s where a Bainbridge Island real estate agent makes all the difference.

An experienced real estate agent is the single expert most familiar with the nuances of Bainbridge Island neighborhoods. (Bainbridge has a lot of very unique neighborhoods ).  For a buyer, that means providing guidance on where to look to find the best value that matches requirements. For a seller, we are able to get started in the right direction by compiling an up-to-the-minute competitive market analysis. The fact is, a price may seem fair -- seem ‘right’ – yet, if the rest of the market has moved away from ‘right,’  it may still fail to produce interested buyers...or you may create more of a bargain than was actually called for.  The information that pegs the current local market is the surest way to save precious time.

A knowledgeable Bainbridge Island real estate agent helps a client develop winning strategies for selling their home quickly – and that’s something that entails more than just finding a price that attracts buyers. Because markets are always changing, marketing must change with them. For example, when the market is heavy with investors (who are looking for a deal), it’s a different situation than when it is dominated by traditional homebuyers (who are looking for a home).

In any case, whether you are buying, selling or investing, a real estate agent from Bainbridge Island will be an invaluable asset.  I am here to help my clients make sense of it all -- call me anytime to discuss what’s doing!

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