One of the best shops on Bainbridge Island is most definitely "Lollipops"- located in the Winsow Mall on Winslow Way. Lollipops is an upscale children's boutique offering new, consigned, and locally made goods. Locally owned and operated by Karin Lehotsky, Lollipops offers the best in name-brand children’s apparel focusing on brands and products with superior quality.  I can speak from experience that if you ever need a baby gift, this is the place to go. Since my girls were infants, I have been shopping at Lollipops and now, even at 7 and 8 yrs old, we are still in there on a regular basis. Recently, the store has begun to offer  consignment clothing. We are happy to recycle our outgrown clothes there and Karin only picks the best quality for her clients. It's easy to shop there and frankly, sometimes hard to get the kids out of there because as you can see below, instead of a resident pet kitten or pet dog, they have a pet rabbit who runs around as if she(he?) owns the place. Not to mention there is a darling little play area with a kid size kitchen!