Recently my daughter came home from a field trip with her first grade class at Blakely Elementary. She was so excited that she had participated in planting potatoes at Heyday Farm. Little did she know that she was becoming a part of history! In the 1940’s Horace & Nelly Winney purchased 18 1/2 acres near Old Mill Road & McDonald Road on which to raise their family, and for a time, even buffalo, as well as other livestock . Recently this historic property (now about 25 acres) was purchased by Steve Romein & Ty Cramer, who are working closely with Bainbridge Island non-profit groups, Friends of the Farm and Bainbridge Island Land Trust to keep it a working farm.  It is now home to farmers & interns who are producing local, organic food, making this unique property an important  link between Bainbridge Island’s past and future.

 This is just another fantastic reason to live on Bainbridge. I hope to see you out at the farm this summer as my daughters and I go out to help tend to the crops! For more information about these local organizations, click on the links above.